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The antipathy shown by the Tuscans, from the 14th cent, onwards, towards the growing dominance of Flo­rence, may be explained not only by the rivalry between cities and parties typical of the era of the Communes dur-ing the Middle Ages, but also perhaps by this ancient ten-dency towards a federai equilibrium that did not tolerate dominant powers. From the Etruscan poleis to the medi-aeval Communes there runs the golden thread of a pref-erence for a "little homeland" and for an independence that is almost never chauvinistic or exclusive, but rather (except for times of bitter conflict, which there certainly were) inclined naturally towards alliance and exchange with the neighbouring "little homelands." Meanwhile with-in any type of settlement or small area, there grew up a multiplicity of locai characteristics, with their various tradi-tions, and maybe even rivalries, pride and obstinacies.


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