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With a few exceptions these areas correspond to the valleys of the most important rivers which cut through Tus-cany. To start from the north-west of the region as defined for administrative purposes today, we first meet the basin of the river Magra, occupying the province of Massa-Car­rara, which historically speaking looks towards Liguria, and was only assigned to Tuscany in 1 871. This is the Lu-nigiana, the territory of the ancient city and diocese of Lu-ni. Immediately to the south-east is the Garfagnana, which is the narrow volley of the river Serchio between the Apuan Alps and the watershed formed by the Apen-nines. To the south-west, there is the somewhat fiat, sandy coastal area of the Versilia, with its pinewoods and its beaches, once fashionable and to some extent stili so. With its centre at Viareggio, historically speaking this area is linked to one of the three great "capitals" of the region, Lucca. This same city is the centre for the lower volley of the Serchio - the Lucchesia - and the Valdiniev-ole which includes the towns of Pescia and Collodi. Be­tween Lucca and Pistoia the horizon is without any out-standing features until we get to Monte Albano and the middle Arno volley. This was a vast marshy area until it was reclaimed in the 1 8th cent, by order of Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. From it emerge only the "islands" formed by small hills such as that of Montecatini Alto. Further north the landscape once more becomes rugged, with the mountains towering above Pistoia (Montagna Pistoiese) which act as the watershed between this territory and that of Bologna.



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