Best wine tour in Tuscany

Someone attempted to defìne it, rather detightfully, as a "thou-sand-year-old city-culture." Yet even today, in the era of the megalopolis, between the folds of its hills and moun-tains, and on the carpets of its few restricted plains, this region of cities stili preserves broad areas that are entirely or prevalently rural, or even uninhabited. It is often said that the Tuscans are absolutely unmistakable amongst the Italians, but by so saying we underestimate the fact that the region has many "frontier" areas, where this uniqueness is toned down, and where a Tuscan takes on something of Liguria, Emilia, Romagna, Umbria or Lazio. The region contains a wealth of small differences, and even more or less evident internai divisions. From the ba­sic point of view of climate, altitude and economy, there are in fact at least three Tuscanys: the region of the Apen-nines; the hilly areas which, from the rolling country of the "Lucchesia" across the gentle hills of Chianti and the Val d'Elsa, extend as far as the Colline Metallifere and Monte Amiata; and finally the coastal areas and the nar-row river valleys wedged between hills and mountains. And this apart from the Tuscan islands, similar only in part to the coastal areas.
But the region also changes a great deal from north to south.

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