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If to the north the Mugello crosses the Apennines into Romagna, to the south it shades off into the lower Val di Sieve. Here it meets the mid-valley of the Arno (Medio Valdarno) at Pontassieve, which stands at the meeting of the waters.
Pontassieve is in fact a key-point. The Arno, which be-gins life by flowing south, having rounded the massif of the Pratomagno turns sharply north, and makes a broad curve just before Pontassieve. Here it collects the tributary
waters from the Mugello, and heads westward post Em­poli to Pisa and the sea. From Pontassieve we can cross the wooded bulk of the Pratomagno by way of the Passo della Consuma and thereby reach the Casentino. This is the upper volley of the Arno, marked at its northernmost limits by the mountains of Falterona and Fumaiolo, the sources respectively of the Arno and the Tiber. Immedi-ately to the east of the Casentino we come to the Val Tibe­rina, which borders on Umbria, as in fact does the Val-
dichiarici, the neighbouring basin of the river Chiana.



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