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Goldentravel: Transfers Tuscany Italy Tour

As we drive along the Autostrada del Sole, or else the hair raising but nonetheless picturesque Via Aurelio, in spite of a wealth of wonderful glimpses and sudden, breathtaking sights, we may not always be aware that we are passing through what Fernand Braudel thought was ‘the most touching landscape in the world.’ If it is true that the Maremma ought to be seen in the scorching midsummer sun, and Chianti when the first vine leaves begin to redden and if the forest of Camaldoli is at its most bewitching in the early morning mists, and the ‘Balza’ at Volterra in the sunset, it stands to reason that we cannot always be at the right place at the right time of day or season of the year. All the same, the reputation for being ‘modem’ and ‘dynamic’ which Tuscany enjoys and, let it be said, with ampie justification shouid not lead us to forget that it is one of the most densely wooded regions in the whole of Italy, and that it can boast a coastline 300 kilometers long. 






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