Tuscany limo tour

From this volley to the south-west we may cross the hills around Volterra and reach the Val di Cecina and the sea. Going eastward we pass through the Chianti hills on our way to the upper Arno Volley with its chief centres ai San Giovanni and Terranuova.
So here we have mountains, hills, valleys, marshes; woods of oak, chestnut and beech, with firs in the Apen-nines and vast pinewoods along the seashores; traces of a volcanic past visible here and there throughout the ragion, from Monte Morello to Monte Amiata, and which particularly in the centre and south of the ragion explain the presence of thermal springs of some importance; con-siderable deposits of metal ore, especially in the triangle between Massa Marittima, Amiata and the island of El­ba; areas such as the middle and lower Arno volley, in which a vast population growth linked with an often un-harmonious industriai development appear to have forev-er ruined the landscape and the balance of the environ-ment, cheek by jowl with areas of apparently incontami-nated beauty. These are the contradictions and contrasts which make Tuscany so full of surprises, and at the same time an explosive mixture of problems.
As we drive along the Autostrada del Sole, or else the hair-raising but nonetheless picturesque Via Aurelio, in spite of a wealth of wonderful glimpses and sudden, breathtaking sights, we may not al-ways be aware that we are passing through what Fer-nand Braudel thought was "the most touching landscape in the world."



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