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Tourism itself is a notorious factor in the ruin of the environment, and yet (this appears paradoxical only at first sight) it constitutes one of the strongest reasons for arresting this ruination, while at the same time proving that so far it has not succeeded in despoiling Tuscany of its fame not only as a land of art and culture, but also of unique "naturai" beauties.
The adjective "naturai" is a magical one; so why do I provoke the reader by putting it in inverted commas? His-tory can perhaps suggest an answer, for when it comes down to it almost no landscape is naturai. If the Tuscan landscape is really as "touching" as Braudel would have us believe, the fact is that such feeling never arises spon-taneously and without reflection. Both landscape and feel­ing are the products of centuries of cultural evolution, of choices made, of co-existence between man and his en­vironment.
Bulldozers and avalanches of cement, acres of rubble and rubbish and the smoking factory chimneys, ali these change the face of city and country alike, and blur their colours. Yet, together with historical memory there is a ge-ographical memory which resides in place-names and takes us back to a quite different set of images, to the landscape as it once was.



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