Tuscany Tour by Vespa: Italy On A Vespa Scooter


Chianti Region

Chianti on a Vespa* scooter tour: Two Italian classics that have come to symbolize la dolce vita. Now, Italy by Vespa is bringing them together in a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience in Italy that promises to capture the heart, soul and essence of Italy: a week in central Tuscany at the best hotel in the area, Hotel Vignale. The tour is filled with scenic day trips throughout the Chianti countryside aboard your very own Vespa! Your native Italian Guide for your trip has a PhD in Italian history. Also when you arrive at other historic destinations such as Siena you will be greeted by another PhD specializing in history of that city or region. * By the way Vespa in Italian means "wasp", which refers to the shape of the scooter.

Imagine cruising along winding country roads on your Vespa scooter, picture-postcard vistas greeting you around every curve of the Chianti hills. Endless rows of vineyards bearing some of the world's finest grapes, stately lines of towering cypress trees, silvery-green olive groves rimming an ancient abbey, fields ablaze with crimson poppies in the springtime and golden sunflowers in autumn.

The sensory overload continues in every quaint Italian village along the way, where you'll sip espresso at an outdoor café, sample sweet Vin Santo at a tiny enoteca, or savor a long, leisurely meal bursting with the fresh produce, homemade pasta and grilled meats that make rural Italian cuisine so magnifico. And at every stop, you'll be surrounded by the warmth and hospitality of the Italian people.

Unlike on any other tour, you'll do it all in the quintessentially Italian fashion: riding a red Vespa scooter, with the sun on your face and the open road before you, just waiting to be explored. The freedom, camaraderie and sheer, laugh-out-loud fun of discovering Chianti by scooter will be an adventure you'll remember the rest of your life.

As one of just 14 tour members, you'll be part of an intimate group that has been invited to share seven days of unique experiences which only our Company can offer. Please note we are not a scooter training school and request you come prepared to ride your scooter or in the van we provide. Can't ride or don't want to ride a scooter?



Scooter Tour & Room Category Pricing.



Tour Dates
8 day/7night
5 day/night
For standard room at 4 star Vignale
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
7 Apr.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
14 Apr.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
21 Apr.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
28 Apr.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
5 May
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
12 May
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
19 May
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
26 May
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
2 June
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
9 June
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
16 June
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
23 June
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
30 June
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
7 July
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
14 July
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
21 July
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
28 July
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
4 Aug.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
11 Aug.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
18 Aug.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
25 Aug.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
1 Sep.
€ 3.540.00
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
8 Sep.
€ 3.540.00
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
15 Sep.
€ 3.540.00
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
22 Sep.
€ 3.540.00
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
29 Sep.
€ 3.540.00
€ 2.700.00
Peak Season
6 Oct.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
13 Oct.
€ 2.800.00
€ 2.180.00
Hotel and Private Villa up grades
Deluxe Room per couple
€ 590.00
€ 435.00
Deluxe suite per couple
€ 1.140.00
€ 890.00
Private villa w/pool      
One bedroom sleeps 4
€ 625.00
€ 465.00
two bedroom sleeps 4
€ 1.160.00
€ 465.00
Single Supplement
€ 210.00
€ 150.00
Single Supplement Deluxe Suite
by quote
by quote
5 day outbound transfer (optional)  
€ 150.00
5 day Tour Deletes    

Outbound transfer

5 day Tour Deletes    

Siena day or cross country day depends on season

5 day Tour Deletes
Cooking day or Castle/Ceramic day depends on season.
Siena day or cross country day depends on season.
Outbound transfer.

* plus 20%IVA tax reimbursement.

All tours begin on Monday's

Currency Converter click here*** : *** Please note this currency quote is what banks charge one another and the actual rate will be interbank rate plus 3%. 

We accept Visa and Mastercard (Convenience fee applies for full tour payments only)

You can reserve you own provate tour

Persons in your group
Surcharge per person for a 7 day private tour
€ 99.00
€ 215.00
€ 350.00
€ 515.00
€ 715.,00
€ 965. 00
€ 1.290.00
Surcharge per person for a 5 day private tour
€ 70.00
€ 155.00
€ 250.00
€ 370.00
€ 510.00
€ 690.00
€ 920.00



·  Pricing is based on accommodation level.

·  Please note that prices do not include airfare.

·  NOTE: Package price is per person based on double occupancy.

·  Single supplement is available €210.00 7 day €150.00 5 day

·  Five-night packages starting from €2,180.00 are available upon request, subject to availability.  Please see the bottom of this page for details.

·  User-pay events can be arranged, such as private shopping or self-selected excursions with a private driver
Payment terms:
A deposit of €1,000.00 per person is due at time of reservation request. Please note we accept refundable and non-refundable deposits; please read the options available. 

Refundable deposits: Are for trips not yet confirmed as we need a minimum of 2 persons to confirm a trip.  Once we are able to confirm a trip you will be contacted to complete your reservation and to make your final non refundable payment in full (this also make your deposit non refundable).  Please note: once your trip is confirmed, final payment is due within 60 days of confirmation date or 90 days prior to departure date, whichever is sooner.  In the event you tour is within 60 days of booking payment in full is due at time of confirmation.

Non-refundable deposits: Are for trips that can be confirmed immediately.  Then your non refundable balance is due in full within 60 days of initial reservation or confirmation date or 90 days prior to departure date, whichever is sooner.  In the event you tour is within 60 days of booking payment in full is due at time of booking.  Again, please note: Once your tour is confirmed we will not refund any deposit or payments you make to us for any reason other than in the event we cancel your tour, see our cancellation policy below.  We do suggest Travel Insurance to protect you in the event of ever changing world events which could impact your decision to travel or your specific travel plans including airlines, trains and other transportation. 

·  Note: All reservations are fully transferable to a second party by notifying us no later than 30 days before your trip date.  Transfers are subject to a €125.00 service fee.  This fee covers the cost to re personalize welcome gifts, luggage Identification tags, personalized tour books and the like.  

Attention Tour Minimum and Tour Cancellation: Please be aware that we need a minimum of 2 participants or 1 couple to run our week-long tours and we fill our tours to a maximum of 7 couples or 14 persons. We accept refundable €1,000.00 deposits for the weeks that have not yet met our minimum until we accumulate the required number of participants. We will then contact you indicating the trip is confirmed and ask for payment in full immediately or refund your €1,000.00 deposit, depending on your decision. Non-refundable payment in full, including any deposits held by us, is required once we confirm your reservation. We reserve the right to cancel a tour prior to departure for any reason.  In the event that we cancel a trip we will fully refund all payments made by you to us, which will constitute full settlement and we will not be liable for any other damages. 

All tours include:

• Ground transportation from the Gallery Art Hotel located in Florence city center to Hotel Vignale and return-trip ground transportation from Hotel Vignale to Florence airport
• 7 nights accommodations at Hotel Vignale
• 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches (including 1 picnic)
• 1 welcome reception followed by light dinner upon arrival   
• 4 dinners, (2 deluxe dining and 2 dinners at local restaurants), including selected wine
• All event fees, wine tastings, museum entrance fees, and sightseeing activities and admissions, unless indicated as optional (trips may include many optional activities on a user-pay basis)
• Italian cooking class at Michelin-starred restaurant La Bottega del Trenta
• Vespa usage for 6 days, fuel, and limited Italian property damage insurance (additional scooter protection insurance is available at a small premium; driver responsible for all damage to the scooter)
• Trip cancellation including medical evacuation insurance is available at a small charge
• Local host, vespa escorts, support van and driver

We suggest arriving in Italy 1-3 or more days prior to your tour to eliminate the effects of jet lag. 




5-Day Scooter Tours

·  Greetings, thank you so much for inquiring about our 5-day packages! We offer this package on a space-available basis and subject to confirmation.

·  The rates per person double occupancy plus VAT tax and are available on our pricing & pre Tour tab on left of page. Single supplements are offered at a small premium. All 5- and 7-day tours begin on Mondays for your planning purposes.

·  This tour includes transportation to and from Florence for the 7-day packages and pick up is included in the 5-day package, outbound transfer is not included; we will coordinate your return however, the cost for this return transport is not a part of the package. This is due to the fact that our the transfer van continues on for the 7 day tour and therefore is not available for the 5 day return.  We look forward to being of assistance to you and would welcome you on one of our exceptional excursions.





What does the package price include?

In addition to seven days of unforgettable sightseeing in the Chianti countryside aboard your Vespa, the tour price includes the following:

·  Round-trip ground transportation from Florence Airport to Radda.

·  7 nights accommodation at Hotel Vignale.

·  7 breakfasts, 4 lunches inluding1 picnic.

·  1 welcome party upon arrival followed by a light dinner.

·  4 dinners (2 luxury and 2 local dining expriences) selected wine with each meal.

·  All event fees, local guides, wine tasting, museum entrance fees, etc.

·  1/2-day cooking class.

·  Vespa usage for 6 days, fuel, and use of a helmet. Note you are responsible for all damage to the scooter.

·  Limited Italian property damage insurance.

·  Local host, Vespa escorts, support van and driver.

·  Sightseeing activities and admissions, unless indicated as optional.

·  Local scooter guides, van drivers and hosts.

Not included in tour price:

·  Round-trip airfare.

·  Gratuties.

·  3 dinners, 2 lunches 

·  IVA tax reimbursement (20%) this will be added to your invoice.

·  For more information contact info@holidaysintuscany-winetours.com



How and when do I pay?

Reservation deposits may be made by contacting Golden Travel . Please be aware that we need a minimum of 2 participants or 1 couple to run our week-long tours and we fill our tours to a maximum of 7 couples or 14 persons. We accept refundable €1,000.00 euro deposits for the weeks that have not yet met our minimum until we accumulate the required number of participants. We will then contact you indicating the trip is confirmed and ask for payment in full immediately or refund your deposit, depending on your decision. Non-refundable payment in full, including any deposits held by us, is required once we confirm your reservation.
Visa, MC and personal check are all accepted forms of payment for both deposit and balance. Sorry, we cannot accept American Express.



OK, I've decided to go - now what?

After you've paid your €1,000.00 per person reservation deposit, you will receive an email confirmation We strongly suggest you obtain scooter riding skills prior to your arrival for safety reasons and so you are not disappointed if you cannot ride due to your individual driving skills.  The expectation of travel speeds are 15-25mph for the first 2 days and will increase to 20-45mph.  If you are not able to maintain these speeds safely you have the option to ride in the lead pilot van or ride with our tour guide subject to availability or your traveling companion subject to their ability.  Please note this is a group tour and the expectation is you have tuned or have your driving skills prior to arrival. 



What about insurance?

Italian liability and property damage insurance is provided by us according to standard Italian policy. You will be required to sign a personal liability waiver prior to riding on a scooter. Individuals are encouraged to contact their own insurance providers if additional coverage is desired.

Trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance are available from Travel Insured International for an extra cost. Please contact us for more information and pricing or visit:


or for specific details go to:
www.travelinsured.com/Products/Medical/Medical_Protector_US.htm< /FONT>



In what Italian city do I arrive for my tour and where does Italy by Vespa pick me up?

Plan on arriving in Florence, Italy by 10:00am the first day of the trip. We make pick-ups in the city center at the Gallery Art Hotel, which is near the Ponte Vecchio. The Gallery Art shares a courtyard with The Lungarno Suites and The Continentale. We will be in contact with you to arrange a specific meeting time 2-3 weeks prior to your departure from the U.S. to coordinate our connection with you.



How do I make arrangements to be met at the airport for transfer to Radda in Chianti?

Once we have compiled everyone's flight arrival times, a representative from Golden travel will contact you to schedule a specific shuttle time at the Florence Airport. This is why it is important for us to have your flight information as soon as possible. Golden Travel provides complementary transportation to and from Radda in Chianti once a day. For any special requirements beyond this arrangement, we are happy to assist you; however, this could involve an additional charge.



This looks like fun, but I don't have any experience riding a Vespa. Can I still go?

Although everyone should have some basic scooter/motorcycle experience, riding a Vespa is easy! We will have a Vespa orientation and evaluation session on the first afternoon / evening to introduce everyone to the safe operation of their scooter.  The scooter is lightweight in contrast to a motorcycle and easy to use with some training and experience; our scooters are just like those rented to the general public in many resort communities. We will be traveling quiet, scenic country roads, largely but not completely free from city traffic as we must travel through a couple of small towns on our way.  Those with less experience should consider attending a Rider Safety Training program prior to arrival as noted below.   

If you are not skilled, we highly encourage you to take additional training before the trip. To find available Motorcycle Safety Training courses in your area, visit www.msf-usa.org.

If you or your guest do not feel comfortable driving or if we determine in our opinion your skill is not adequate to maintain safety and expected speeds you may  be able to ride with a tour guide, subject to availability, or ride in our pilot van until such time as you are able.  Please note, we are not a motorcycle or scooter training company and expect you know how to ride a scooter or be willing to ride in our pilot van.  Please note we will be traveling about 180-300 miles during our week’s journey; please come prepared!



How many people will there be on each tour?

Our capacity for each trip date is 14 people, or 7 couples. We do not confirm any trip without a minimum of 2 people or 1 couple.



What type of Vespas will we ride?

All of our Vespas will be a new model, Red, European-Spec ET4 or the LX 125s, very similar to the U.S. model ET4  and the LX 150. They have four-stroke, 125cc engines with electric start and automatic transmissions. At the beginning we will travel 18 and 24mph due to the winding terrain.  By mid-week speeds could reach 40mph.  Please note we have a van if you don't feel comfortable at these speeds or you can ride with one of the Vespa guides subject to availability.



Do I need a special license to operate a Vespa in Italy?

No, but you must be a licensed driver and you will need to provide a photocopy of your license and insurance card. You will need an AAA International Driver's License. Click here to download the application form.   If you do not have a motorcycle license we strongly urge you to attend a 2 day safety course.  Please visit Mortorcyle Safety Foundation for more details and classes around the world click here



Will I need any special documents or shots to go to Italy?

Yes, you will need a current passport (must have 6 valid months remaining). However, no visa is required, and no shots are required.



Will I have a scooter of my own, or will I be riding with someone?

Everyone on the tour will be provided with a Vespa of his/her own for the week. However, we fully expect that you will enjoy simply riding along with a friend on certain trips to better enjoy the bellissimo scenery along the way, and we certainly encourage you to do so!

If you or your guest do not feel comfortable driving you may be able to ride with a tour guide, our host subject to availability, or in our lead pilot van.



Are helmets provided?

Yes. Everyone joining us will need to be sized for their helmet when booking their trip. Your local Vespa Boutique can help you with this in person or you can provide us your hat-size by phone to help us determine your proper helmet size. Please note that Italy now has a helmet law and that helmet use will be mandatory.



What kind of clothing should I bring? What will the weather be like in the spring and fall?

The weather in Tuscany is generally sunny and quite mild during both the Spring and Fall seasons. In addition to casual, comfortable clothing for the week, we recommend that everyone bring with them, at a minimum, a light- to medium-weight weatherproof, windproof jacket and lightweight insulated gloves. Rain gear is also advisable "just in case" and ponchos are in each scooter. Please note that eye protection is required by law when riding your Vespa and therefore mandatory. Normal eyeglasses or sunglasses are acceptable; however, you may wish to bring special goggles or, if you wear prescription glasses, over-the-glasses goggles.



What can I carry on the scooter?

Each Vespa scooter has a generous storage bin under the seat designed to hold your helmet when it's not in use. This bin will also carry jackets, purses, cameras, etc. and is lockable. Additionally, each scooter will be equipped with a genuine Vespa Topcase on the rear rack, essentially doubling (and then some) the storage capacity under the seat. Extra storage space is available in our lead pilot van as well.



Who will be accompanying the group on this tour?

Each trip will be guided by a guide(s) fluent in both Italian and English, appointed by Vespa. Each trip may also have a designated Italy Tour Coordinator available to address your needs as they arise.



Can special diets (e.g. vegetarian, dairy-free, etc.) be accommodated?

Yes, easily, as Italian cuisine is replete with fresh vegetables, salads and pastas. Simply inform your booking agent when you make your reservation of your dietary restrictions. We will gladly accommodate you within reason.  We generally have pre-set menus when dining as a group, for lunches and dinners are served family style. 



Should I bring any foreign currency with me?

Italy now uses the euro as its standard currency, so you might want to bring some euros along with you for immediate use instead of having to change money the moment you arrive. However, there are plenty of banks and ATMs in Italy, and most places take credit cards.





Renting Just a Vespa?


We are a a lifestyle tour company and does not rent Vespas to the public.  We suggest if you're interested in renting a Vespa you contact the local chamber of commerce of the city you are visiting and make your inquiry there.  We do not track any rental companies and don't have information on rentals in Italy. 



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